Messy May “mess”

Series: Messy May #8

Prompt: 08 MESS
Host: Lizzie @lizzielarock
Guidance: Take old journal or diary pages, grab those scissors and mix up those words. Then splatter them with paint and create art out of an old mess.

I was going to give this one a miss — I don’t keep a diary so I thought I didn’t have any source material — then I came across a very old notebook with a few pages of random writings that had escaped being put in the bin and decided to give it a go. Although it can be time-consuming, I quite enjoy making found poetry occasionally, even if I do get terribly self-conscious about sharing it (especially this one as it is made of my own words and is in my own handwriting).

I definitely ran with the mess theme for the rest of the page: the collage strips in the background are all from papers I’ve used to protect my desk — the ones with the straight lines are from doing ink blending on cards — or have tucked into sketchbooks to protect the edges from paint overflow. A strip of gold-painted tissue created space to put the words and some ink splats tied it all together (I don’t know how high you would have to drop ink from to get it to properly splat but it’s definitely higher than I can reach over my desk; these were created by blowing sharply straight down through a straw).

Previous examples of found poetry include the very short white tree and the longer found poetry; both Wanderlust-inspired projects from last year.

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