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Folded circle pocket

Outside it’s not only the hottest day of the year so far but also the hottest day on record in the UK. It’s reached over 40℃ in several areas of England. It hasn’t quite reached that here thankfully, though I’m not about to go out in 38℃ heat… My room is just a shade under 30C and is only bearable because I am sitting directly in front of a fan, drinking copious amounts of water, and occasionally fetching a cold pack from the freezer to hug.

And yet I decided to do a tiny bit of crafting. Pinterest, as usual, was the instigator: I spotted this cute pocket design in an email and decided to give it a go. Bravely stepping away from my fan, I found some old collage paper —

this brown paper offends me, it is horrible stuff that deserves only to be covered with paint, the text on it was assembled by someone who didn’t care at all, there are so many spelling mistakes and, as I discovered today, it really doesn’t even take ink very well. It is most definitely relegated to the function of “textural collage” as I can’t quite bring myself to throw it out, but it is the right sort of weight for making a pocket

— cut out a circle (about 5¾″) and folded it following the video, inked the edges and stuck it together in the appropriate places with some narrow double-sided tape (the glue stick used in the video seemed a bit lacking in subtlety). The hardest part is making sure the first two folds are actually parallel.

I made a second one from a random piece of patterned paper, mainly so I could easily see which side of the paper shows on which part of the pocket.

And it is a very cute pocket. These happen to be just the right size to hold an artist trading card or a gift card — obviously the size is easily adjusted dependant on needs — and little extras can be tucked into the front flaps.

5 thoughts on “Folded circle pocket”

  1. Nice! Hope you stay cool! We live in an area where our average temp here is 95 during the summer months. We do have central air and usually stay inside between 12 – 3. Hope things cool off for you soon. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Our summer is normally around 75F so hitting 100+ is not something we’re used to. Our houses are built to retain heat and home air conditioning is very rare – my other half does have it in his office because he works from home but the rest of the house is sweltering. Today is hopefully the last of the really hot days…

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