Messy May “cultivation”

Series: Messy May #7

Host: Kellee @kelleewynnestudios
Guidance: Cultivate your creative voice through experimentation. Create a grid, use limited supplies and fill the squares with curious exploration.

I’ve seen Kellee demonstrate this technique before, thought it was a good idea and then got distracted and moved on to something else. So this is the first time I’ve sat down and actually tried it. It’s a simple idea and one that can be applied to painting or any other medium, not just collage. Lots of artists recommend working in series — on multiple works at the same time — and this is like that, only in miniature.

I drew some squares on my sketchpad page, grabbed some nearby bits of collage paper and fabric along with my trusty gold paint and a pencil and set to work creating half a dozen different mini layouts. When I’d finished they looked a little lost on the white page so I painted the background black — I’m still not sure whether it looks better this way.

It’s an interesting exercise in composition that really doesn’t take long to do once you’ve gathered a few supplies together.

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