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I do hope no-one is offended by the bad language. I rarely create things with swearing on but this was in response to a specific request.

This was one of those spur of the moment projects; I don’t do novelty “home decor” types of things and most humorous (or twee) signs lose their appeal fairly quickly. So this definitely isn’t the sort of thing I’d ever make for myself; however, a close friend had mentioned in passing that he’d seen a framed version of this text and felt like he needed one.

I do like how the wood grain shows through the gesso

Being the owner of a Cricut Maker and in possession of vinyl, gold gesso and some wooden art panels, I decided to make one for him. And I even had a deadline as he was due to come over to visit a couple of weeks later. The thing that took the longest time in this process was choosing the fonts. I have a love/hate relationship with fonts: love them, love the thought that goes into making most of them, and absolutely despise trying to pick one for any design work. But I eventually found two that worked well together, put the layout together in Cricut Design Space and cut it out of permanent vinyl. The hardest part, other than choosing the fonts, was committing to sticking that central line of text down and hoping that it went on straight…

It’s not something I’ll rush to do again, but it’s good to know that the process and materials work should I ever need to.

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