Messy May “freedom”

Series: Messy May #6

Prompt: 06 FREEDOM
Host: Felicitas @felicitasmayer
Guidance: Give yourself the freedom to create the NON-perfect handwriting by writing the words flipped onto the back of patterned paper, fussy-cut and then glue the words in your journal with the pretty side up.

This is a mess. Then again it was made for Messy May so I guess it’s appropriate. It definitely falls into the “love the process and experimentation, not so keen on the end result” category of art journalling. Having said that, I don’t actually hate it and there are definitely others in this challenge that I am way less happy with.

The idea of creating imperfect lettering by writing backwards on the back of patterned paper and then fussy cutting it out is quite clever and not something I’ve come across before. I did end up glazing the words with acrylic paint to make them fit onto the page a bit better — I had pretty much picked the first piece of paper that came to hand and, yes, it did manage to clash with brown…

The background is something that has been on my must-try list for ages and now that I’ve tried it once, I must try it again and not make such a mess next time. That something is using fountain pen ink (in this case, Quick black ink) and bleach (the spirals). Once again, glazing came to the rescue to tone down the mess. Rather than use acrylic paint, this time I glazed over with Tom Norton’s walnut drawing ink; it’s not actually made with walnuts, but that does mean that it is both acid-free and lightfast, which real walnut ink is not.

I might not be about to hang it on my wall, but it was fun to make and I learned a lot about some of my supplies.

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