quick play

Origami paper fan

Another quick play with a random bit of paper craft dropped in my inbox by Pinterest. I made this back in March (this year, I’m not that far behind with my blogging), but apparently I didn’t actually save the pin anywhere. But hey, Pinterest showed me it repeatedly for many weeks, so it can’t be that hard to find again can it?

I have just spent more time searching Pinterest for it than it probably took me to make it in the first place and no joy. Plenty of different folded paper fan designs but not this one. By adding the word tassel I did eventually find a link to a YouTube tutorial for it — Origami fan and tassel. I wish I’d found this one in the first place, it’s a lot clearer and it explains how to make the tassel (which the other one didn’t), complete with some handy tips. Mine would have turned out a lot neater if I’d been working from this tutorial.

(I’ve just found where I jotted down the link to the original pin and it’s one of those annoying “we want to be TikTok” Pinterest videos…)

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