Abstract negative painting

Colourful abstract shapes on a black background with gold and white highlights and a gold border.

This is literally junk. Or at least it was before I got my black paint out. I’d been using cotton buds to put blobs of colour on the top of some acrylic paint bottles so I could quickly see which was which. And then I’d wiped the excess paint off onto a piece of card; by the time I was finished the card was covered in swipes of colour and now, of course, I couldn’t throw it away.

Close-up of some of the abstract leaf-like shapes.

Some time later, when I was getting tired of seeing it lying around on my desk, I decided to do something with it. So I got out my black paint and set about blocking out some abstract curvy shapes. Then I added a gold shape in the centre, and finished it off with some white outlining with a Posca paint pen and a gold border.

It was an interesting experiment and there are some bits — particularly the leaf-like shapes — that I really like.

Abstract painting displayed on a mini wooden easel.

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