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The Daily Marker Challenge #12 day 25–28

Although the challenge officially finishes on the 28th, some people are continuing and doing the last two days. I did consider doing that but — looks around — my priority right now is to tidy up my craft room. In theory, a month of mostly Copic colouring shouldn’t create much of a mess but… somehow… things have accumulated… Anyway, here are the last few bits of colouring for the challenge, even a finished card!


7 thoughts on “The Daily Marker Challenge #12 day 25–28”

    1. Thank you! I think the challenge really helps the colouring because I end up doing a lot of different things without worrying that they have to be perfect, so I can experiment more. When I’m colouring something on a deadline for a specific card for a particular person then I’m a lot more cautious…

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