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The Daily Marker Challenge #11 day 26–30

And so we reach the end of another Daily Marker colouring challenge. Thirty days always feels like a long time at the start and before you know it, you’re colouring something for the last day.

I started this last few days by adding some contrast and pencil detail to the bunny I’d finished in a rush the day before, and I’m much happier with it: it was looking a bit flat before. Then I looked at my stack of digi stamps and really wasn’t feeling inspired, but I had been reminded that I still have a couple of Art Classes Copic classes to do and decided to work on the Winter Wonderland one (I actually signed up for this last year, but it just goes to show that I might not use everything as soon as I buy it, but I do get around to it eventually).

And now I really must get the Christmas cards written up… It’s December tomorrow!



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