Update: resin-glazed dragon

CRX0029r square

I was checking through my to-do list and it reminded me that I was going to do a quick update post. It’s not often I go back and make changes to past projects — I might add a sentiment to a card that didn’t have one, but that’s about the extent of it — but there are always exceptions…

You may remember the art card I made a while back using the handmade paper with the dragon design on it. Well, when I was making the black and gold experimental piece I seriously misjudged the amount of resin I would need for it;  that left me hunting for something else to glaze and the dragon art card was the first suitable thing that came to hand…

It was a bit of a risk — although it was just a test piece, I did like the way the art card had turned out — but I didn’t have a lot of time to debate it with myself before the resin became unusable, and it would be simple enough to recreate the original version if the resin was a disaster.

This is not a particularly good before and after split image, but it gives you an idea of the difference the resin made. (The display image at the end of this post is the best photo of it, that angle shows off the gloss and doming rather well.)

CRX0029 before-after

But it actually worked out quite nicely. The resin made the handmade paper blend in with the black background, not completely though, there is still quite a bit of texture left.

By some miracle, given the mess I made doing the experimental piece, I got the doming just right. The resin enhances the gold paint beautifully and the shine is lovely.

It probably won’t be something I do very often — if only because working with resin is a messy and time-consuming process — but I’d definitely give it another go for the right project.

CRX0029 detail


  • Prep, Stick & Finish:
    Pebeo Gedeo glazing resin
  • the rest of the supplies are listed on the original post

CRX0029r display

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