Time turner heart box

CRX0014 square

This box was made with a particular person in mind, the same person I made the Harry Potter wedding card for. She is one of the few people who would appreciate the time turner that has been lurking in my stash.

I die-cut a heart from thick card and prepped that and the box with white gesso. Then I added texture paste to both through a maze stencil, followed by another coat of gesso once the paste was dry.

CRX0014 detail02

This was a great opportunity to test out the Tattered Angels “Blue Rusty Metal” kit. I do like rust and decay effects and this created an interesting result without needing too much artistic ability.

CRX0014 detail01

To finish off the top of the box, I added metal filigrees to the corners and a heart in the middle surrounded by fine decoration gravel. Some wax rubbed around the edges and over the gravel adds to the aged effect.

CRX0014 detail06

The time turner needed something doing to it. It was shiny, but not in a good way. Rather than try to make it look nicer, I decided to grunge it up a bit with some dabs of rust paste and plenty of gold wax.

CRX0014 detail03

I wanted the time turner to hang in the middle of the heart so I created a pocket on the back of the heart for the chain to sit in and used a bit of wire to make hooks to hold the chain in place.

CRX0014 detail04

I collaged the inside of the box with a couple of different papers and glued a bit of gauze over the top for texture. I found an “always” sticker and added that to the base before coating it all with some tea-dye varnish.

CRX0014 detail05

Then I had to come up with a way to keep the heart from rattling around in the box. I quickly discarded my first thought of using flowers — they weren’t small enough to create a neat outline — and went for the simple option of screwing up small balls of paper instead. I used a mix of pink tissue paper and a book page. Once they were glued in place and dry, I gave them a coat of the same varnish I used for the inside of the box.

The final touch was to add a small metal rose to mark the edge of the lid.

CRX0014 display

This box was created in March 2018 during my month of mixed media experimentation.

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