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Sneak peek


It’s been quiet here on the blog this last week, but I have been busy making cards. I just can’t show you them yet.

March is quite a busy time for card making: two Mother’s Day cards, two birthdays, two or three Easter cards depending on how inspired I am. And then this year there’s also a good luck card and a wedding to make for as well. Oh, and a new baby due imminently… At least I don’t have to make one for my birthday!

Rather than get massively stressed out trying to do them just in time, I decided to get them all done by the end of February. I’ve still got three to make, but the rest are finished. April is a lot quieter with just the one birthday — I might try to do that one as well, though that is a more difficult make for various reasons…

Unless they’re also for a challenge, I try to avoid posting cards I make specifically for people until the recipient has got them. It’s probably over-cautious — I’m pretty sure most of the people I make cards for don’t read my blog — but I’d rather not risk spoiling the surprise. So, although I have made the cards, taken the photographs and written the blog posts, I can’t start posting them for another week.

So, for now, you’ll just have to make do with this sneak peek.

1 thought on “Sneak peek”

  1. Oh I seem to have so many cards to make each month! How I wish I could get caught up! LOL! I can’t wait to see the cards. I, too, also wait until the card has reached it’s destination before I post them. You just never know who might stop by your blog! 🙂


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