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The Daily Marker challenge 1–5

I nearly missed it. I haven’t been checking Instagram recently — the algorithmic ordering causes me ridiculous stress (3 hours, 6 days, 3 days, 6 days, 20 minutes, 2 days etc etc, just show me the most recent ones first!) — and I’d somehow missed Kathy Racoosin’s advance announcement on her blog. Luckily I spotted someone blogging their day one colouring in time to do some of my own.

With possible exceptions for challenges and a couple of birthdays that fall in the next thirty days, my plan is to clear down my printed digis pile. Some of them have been in there for well over a year. Some are duplicates and have already been coloured. Some of them I skip over each time I look through the pile and I am simply unlikely to ever colour them. And the rest deserve to be coloured.

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