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Get your markers ready…

The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge is back. Or at least it will be soon. Kathy Racoosin has just announced that the next challenge starts on November 1st and continues for the whole of the month, which is conveniently thirty days long making it near impossible to lose track of how far through the challenge we are (unlike the last one which started on the 5th and made me do mental arithmetic for a month).

So break out your markers, paints, crayons, pens, pencils, inks or whatever colouring medium takes your fancy — we’ve had people colouring with coffee before, so don’t feel tied to traditional media. Ditto for your surfaces — paper, card, vellum, canvas, glass, fabric, your children’s faces (though no permanent marker here please!) — if it can be coloured, go for it.

The aim is to take ten minutes for yourself, to put aside the busyness and annoyances of the day and just colour something. No pressure. If you want to take the whole month to colour one page in a colouring book, not a problem (have you seen the insane amount of detail on some of those pages?). If you have more time to spare, you could take the opportunity to make a dent in your Christmas card list.

It’s a fun challenge with loads of absolutely wonderful supportive people taking part. All skill levels welcomed with open arms, get your kids involved, heck, let your furry friends run through paint (do catch them before they jump on the furniture though).

I shall be joining in again — I’ve done every one so far, can’t drop out now — though the month may get off to a slow start as I’ll be visiting my mum for her birthday. Once again I’ll be posting over on Instagram, with finished projects being written up here e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y…. looks at stack of half-finished blog posts from the last challenge, looks at calendar, realises that it is still theoretically possible to catch up in time…


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