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2022 round-up

One thousand posts!

In the last days of December I reached a milestone here on the blog: there are now more than one thousand posts in total. I’ve been watching that number go up over the years, but it still managed to catch me by surprise when I realised that my Snowflakes were the thousandth post.

It was a lot quieter this year than last, but then last year’s numbers were inflated by blogging the backlog of just colouring and other people’s art posts.

So the breakdown of this year’s additions by category looks like this.

When it gets to the end of December it just feels like all I’ve ever made is Christmas cards and I can’t remember the last time I actually did anything else. So it’s good for me to tally the posts up like this and remind myself that I haven’t been a complete slacker all year.

(Though I did, once again, fail dismally at the intention: “I also have a list of ‘things I’d like to make for people’ and at least a few of those really should be completed.“)

Numbers are one thing, but it’s even better having a visual reminder of everything I’ve done and I gave myself that by creating a 2022 page with two galleries, one for handmade cards and one for everything else. I already had one for 2021 and I am planning on creating ones going all the way back to 2014 when I first started making cards.

Outside of the blog, I’ve done very little on social media. A few posts on Instagram when I think about it, but the focus on video there has put me off. It makes it tiring to read and I’m not about to start posting stories and reels; I’d sooner spend the time making art. I created a Tumblr account and automatically post my blog entries there (just in case Twitter does completely implode) and even set up a Mastodon account.

But this blog is my main focus and will remain so: my original idea was to keep a record of everything I create here and that is as true today as when I first started writing about my cards.

3 thoughts on “2022 round-up”

  1. I like your idea of a page for each year that you created something. I might have to borrow that! It would help me when I am searching for something on my own blog! LOL! Thanks for sharing your creativity! I so enjoy looking at all of your creations and reading your blog!

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