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Christmas star v2

Whenever you cut something out with an electronic cutting machine you not only get your design, you also get a perfect inverse of it. So, unlike cutting by hand where (unless you are very neat with a scalpel) the bits you cut away are of little use, you end up with a very usable negative version.

Just like the two basic styles of block Christmas tree cards I made, I decided to use the leftover pieces to create a second set of Christmas star cards. I did have to cut out some extra stars so that all the cards could have a gilded star at their centre.

Once again I used the Press’n Seal to keep the pieces together before sticking them to the coloured card panels. If I use this technique again in the future I think I will cut a version out of stencil material and use that as a guide for piecing the individual blocks in position. With a design with this many pieces it is tricky to apply glue to them all quickly enough to stick them all down at once: I did end up having to glue a couple of pieces down where I could see they hadn’t adhered very well and I wouldn’t be surprised if some come detached going through the postal system — fingers crossed…


  • cut files:
    my design – stained glass Christmas star
  • gilding:
    Pebeo mixtion paste
    Pebeo mirror leaf
  • embellishments:
    Papermania – adhesive stars
  • paper and card:
    black card
    decorated papers from my stash
  • miscellaneous:
    Cricut Maker

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