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One-page booklet “purple”

I shared the one-page “leaf” booklet I made as part of the Fodder Challenge back at the end of August and mentioned that I wasn’t really happy with how the pages lay in the finished booklet. Well, I had another go at making one with a few changes.

First off, I actually covered my plain 12″ paper with ink to add colour and texture. I didn’t want to spend too much time on it so I simply swiped a selection of Distress Oxide ink pads in straight lines on one side and in swirls on the other.

Then, once it was all folded, I glued the concertina pages together which got rid of the annoying flappy page in the middle. I also taped down the open edges of the pocket flaps. When I made the covers — using up some more scrap papers — I realised that with the concertina pages stuck together the booklet wouldn’t open up completely if I glued the end pages flat onto the covers. If I’d thought about it before I made the covers I would have made them slightly narrower so there was no overlap by the spine. Instead I just left a small strip unglued on that edge so that the covers could slide over one another and open flat.

To finish it off I printed a black and white moth illustration, fussy cut it out and glued it to the front.

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