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One-page booklet “leaf”

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Tissue Oak which I made as part of the Fodder Challenge. Well, surprisingly, I did not abandon the challenge there, though I did have to delay trying some of the classes due to the excessively hot weather: no point getting the gelli plate out if the paint is going to dry before you can pull a print from it.

One class that did not require cool temperatures involved making a Flutter Pocketbook. I’ve had a look at various one-page booklets before — though I don’t remember ever getting past the “seeing how it works on a bit of plain paper” stage before — mostly the ones made from a sheet of A4 paper, so this was different because it starts with a 12″ square piece and creates pockets on the pages. And I’m not convinced about the design. I do like concertina booklets and that element of this does appeal, but I’m really not sure about the central page that just sticks out of the middle. In one variant the instructor, Karen Elaine, tucked a few plain notebook pages into that fold, which might be interesting to try. Alternatively, I could just glue it flat…

I only had some plain coloured 12″ paper — I’ve never got into scrapbooking so my vast hoard of patterned paper is nearly all 6″ square with a few 8″ ones — I could have stamped it or something but I was hot and impatient… Instead I satisfied myself by creating a pretty cover for it from some collage paper I had made and a leaf I had pressed. Then I finished it off by tying it closed with a scrap of sari “ribbon”.

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