Messy May “connection”

Series: Messy May #10

Host: Johanna Clough @johannaclough
Guidance: Create a page that connects you to your art process. You can do this by including more real-life stuff – for example photographs, stories or emotions.

On those occasions when I do include something personal in my work it’s normally because that thing has prompted the idea for the art, rather than thinking “I want to create something personal, what can I use?” so this sort of prompt is hard work.

I did use it as an excuse to do a little bit of shopping though. I have a Selphy printer which generally gets used for printing 6×4 photos for my mum who is not on the internet. Canon also makes sticker paper and smaller photo cards for it, which are perfect for projects like this. I do have some other ideas for using them — I did not just buy them for this one thing.

I created a multicolour watercolour background using the Derwent pastel shades travel set. Then I layered the photos and some dried leaves over the top. The photos were taken in the place where I grew up, many years after it stopped being a working farm hence the dilapidated condition of the buildings. That tree is an elderflower that was never higher than the roofline when I lived there; my mum used to collect flowers and berries and make elderflower wine and cordial and elderberry port from them. The mossy stump at the top is part of a hedge behind some of the farm building; it used to have more trunks growing up from it which made it a cosy little nook to retreat to. And the small wood in the distance used to have a gorgeous display of bluebells every year.

The finished page isn’t one of my favourites, but it did give me an excuse to both shop for art supplies and trawl through old photos, which was nice.

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