Messy May “spark”

Series: Messy May #9

Prompt: 09 SPARK
Host: Lynissa @makers_ave
Guidance: Arrange and create a collage along with other things that spark creativity for you whether it’s words, paint, pictures, stickers, ink or whatever brings you joy.

I wasn’t inspired by Lynissa’s spark journal page — too many words and stickers for my style — so I looked for things that sparked my interest and worked from there.

I have a box where all the leftovers and unused bits and bobs accumulate and that seemed like a good place to start. As I was digging through it, I kept coming across shiny bits and neutrals with lots of different textures, and I started a little pile of the pieces that really appealed to me. Soon I had enough to create an abstract landscape.

I painted the page with a mix of gold paints and played around with the pieces until I was happy with the design. Apart from cutting down the Paperdecoration (dried and pressed mulberry wood) that the cliffs are made of and trimming some overhanging pieces, everything else is exactly as it came out of the scraps box. And I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

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