Collage exploration #7

a small collage of a hand holding a pet rat

Series: Collage exploration #7

I’m not completely sure about this style of collage. It’s an interesting technical challenge, creating the jigsaw-style pieces, but I’m not convinced it works for me. Maybe if I was working on a free-floating design rather than one that fills the page…

Anyway, the idea was to make a collage with blocks of colour replacing more detailed elements in an image. I started off with a totally different design, but that didn’t have the layering and interaction of elements that was present in the examples (I did end up making that version anyway as I had already assembled most of the pieces for it).

This design was taken from a photograph of my other half holding one of our pet rats in his hands. And yes, I did cut each of the whiskers out and stick them on individually.

Looking at this some time after making it, I do quite like the finished piece, I think I’d just like some torn edges in there as well to balance all the crisp lines.

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