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Quick play: German bell

I’m not really sure why I make these Christmas decorations —the Swedish stars, the honeycomb bauble, and this German bell. There are only the two of us here and we’ve never done much in the way of decorating at Christmas. They take up precious space but I can’t bring myself to throw them out; I’ve had to put a string up on the wall in my craft room so that I have somewhere to keep them safe.

But I do enjoy making things like this, especially things I haven’t made before; it’s the hands-on transformation of one thing into another. I get the same sort of satisfaction trying out a new recipe: turning a pile of ingredients into a meal. Yes, I’m following someone else’s instructions, but I get to do the physical creation.

So I shall doubtless keep making the occasional bit of papercraft and the like, even if storing them does pose a problem.

If you’d like to make your own German bell, this is the tutorial I used, though there are lots of others out there. I didn’t get around to adding beads to the top, but I did add a bit of sparkle with glitter glue.

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