Art card clear-up

I have various small piles of art bits scattered around my craft room. All sorts of things. Purchases that haven’t found a home yet, pieces that I’ve experimented with but can’t decide what to do with, unfinished projects, collections of stuff for projects that have yet to be started, and lots of leftovers from completed projects.

Quite a while ago, probably sometime last year, I decided that it would be a fun idea to use up some of the leftovers to make some ATC-sized art cards (3½×2½ inches, 89×64mm).

A week ago, I finally did something about it. With one exception, the only things I added were a bit of paint and ink (and glue of course); the exception being one art card base that I created ages ago that nothing seemed to look right on, so I did dig into my stash for that one. The result is twelve art cards that I will post here over the next few weeks and an utterly negligible impact on the clutter in my room 🙂

And I’ve just realised that this is the 800th post on this blog. That’s 486 cards, 120 mixed media pieces, 64 bits of colouring, and 29 other crafts. A few tests and techniques (I must make the time to do more of those), along with other people’s art and me just rambling on.

3 thoughts on “Art card clear-up”

  1. I have SO many partially completed projects…some backgrounds, some 1/2 colored images, some colored images, some cut out images, etc. I need to do something with them! Thanks for sharing yours!


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