Red swipe abstract

A small abstract painting with a curving red swipe of paint over a green background and gold and black ovals on either side in the concave  areas of the swipe.

This abstract was inspired by Becky Wood over on Twitter. She makes a small piece of art every day — I’ve given up trying to do specific daily practice, it just doesn’t work for me — and changes the style or theme every month.

March’s theme used a bold stroke of colour over a background colour or pattern, but of course I couldn’t keep it that simple. I do like how the gilded oval turned out, and the black dots, but I should have stopped before adding the red lines.

A close-up of the centre of the painting showing the light reflecting off the gilded oval.

I have come to like abstract art a lot more than I used to, though I am a long way from understanding what makes the difference between a piece that I love and one that does absolutely nothing for me. And that makes creating abstract art tricky.

The painting displayed on a small wooden easel.

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