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Beaded key dangle

Key ring "dangle" made of beads and split rings.

It could go on a key ring, but really it’s more of a fidget toy: I just like the sound the beads make when I play with them 🙂

It started off as a way to practise manipulating wire with jewellery pliers, putting beads on head pins and creating a loop to hang them from. The technique is clearly demonstrated in this Beaducation video.

But I like to make use of anything I create if I can, so I grabbed a complementary mix of beads, put them all on individual head pins with loops and hung them on jump rings. Then I made a short central chain of purple jump rings and arranged the beads along it.

Simple but satisfying.

The beaded key "dangle" spread out to show the construction.


A selection of beads from my stash, teal and purple jump rings, silver coloured head pins, key ring.

The beaded "dangle" held in a hand.

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