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A first try at weaving

I’m sure that if the internet and YouTube didn’t exist I would still be happily drawing away with a black fineliner or copying other people’s art with cheap gouache paints. After all, that’s the sort of thing I was doing in my early 20s.

But we do have the internet and YouTube, and so I get to discover and try out all sorts of different things. Sometimes just watching other people do things is enough — acrylic pouring for example, I love some of the end results but in all practicality I just don’t have the room to make and dry them — but other times a craft or technique catches my interest enough so that I spend a few pounds getting the minimal supplies and actually give it ago.

Weaving is one of those crafts.

My other half was going away on a work trip and I wanted something I could do in the evenings in front of the telly so that I wouldn’t spend all of the day in my office/craft room. Though it’s just as well we didn’t have any ratties at the time as I don’t think the two things would be very compatible out on the sofa. Ratties chasing and chewing the yarn would make for an interesting piece of work.

This is the very first piece I tried making and it is a test piece just to get the hang of the absolute basics of weaving. I hung the tassel off the bottom and stitched the winding piece of roving on the top to turn it into a finished piece — not completely convinced about the tassel, but it was another technique to try.

It was a satisfying process; I always enjoy learning something new and I’m really quite happy with how it turned out.


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