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Cooksongold Hamper

Cooksongold hamper

I occasionally enter giveaways — though not the ones on Instagram because of the insistence on tagging other people to enter — but I never really expect to win anything.

I’ve bought a few bits and pieces from Cooksongold over the last year; their main focus is jewellery making, but that covers a wide range of techniques, many of which have the potential to come in useful for mixed media art as well. They regularly run competitions and giveaways on Twitter and elsewhere and if it’s something I might be interested in, I enter with the absolute expectation that I will not win.

But I did.

And not just a small giveaway. I won the “Best of 2018 hamper” giveaway. Though I honestly did not expect it to come in an actual hamper!

Cooksongold hamper open

So… what exactly was in it? So much stuff! I had to make a proper record of it all and I’m including links to the products (or a close match where I’m not sure exactly which variant of a thing I have). There’s only one thing I haven’t identified and it’s really bugging me because I know I’ve seen it before but I can’t think of the right search terms to find it again: it’s the white conical item in the first photo…

Cooksongold tools

Cooksongold consumables

Cooksongold jewellery

And all finished off with some sweeties and a pen.

Cooksongold sweets

There is just so much stuff! I got this on Friday, catalogued it over the weekend and I’m still shocked at the amount of stuff in it. Some things, like the beading loom, I had been thinking about picking up. The silver clay, I was curious about, but probably wouldn’t have got because it’s an expensive thing to get on a whim. Tools are always handy and the Impressart bits will go nicely with the other metal stamping bits I have.

If you have any interest in anything related to jewellery making, I would wholeheartedly recommend Cooksongold — and not because of the hamper — they have a massive range of products, helpful customer service and deliver promptly. Just remember to click “Show Prices inc VAT” if you’re an individual ordering from within the UK.

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