Shell jar

CRX0016 square

Another “let’s try out a product” project. The product in question being the Viva Venezio stone effect kit. And I have to say, I’m really rather happy with how it turned out, especially for a first try.

I gave the jar a coat of white gesso to give the paste something to stick to and then added a thin layer of embossing paste.

CRX0016 detail01

There are two colours of stone paste and two glazes in the kit. I alternated between the two pastes to build up the stone texture.

CRX0016 detail05

When that was completely dry, I sanded off any particularly spiky bits and then lightly sponged on the two glazes. I really didn’t expect it to work so well. It takes a while because you have to let it dry, but I love the effect.

CRX0016 detail03

The jar is only 5cm (2 inches) wide, so it’s tricky arranging large embellishments around it. I fiddled around with the shells until I came up with a simple layout that I liked and which worked on the curvature of the jar.

CRX0016 detail04

I glued the largest shell (which is almost as wide as the jar) in place using some stacked fun foam squares as support and plenty of 3D gel. Then I tucked the other shells in position, filled the gaps with the moss, stones and gravel, and left it to dry.

The last thing I did was add some wax to the rope texture and the stones and gravel.

CRX0016 detail06


  • Prep & Stick:
    Liquitex – white gesso
    Finnabair 3D matte gel
  • Texture:
    Dreamweaver embossing paste – white
    Viva Venezio stone effect – bianco
  • Colour:
    Finnabair metallique wax – aged brass
  • Embellishments:
    Knorr Prandell Icelandic moss
    Cadence art stones – x-large
    Colorall decoration gravel – white

CRX0016 detail02

This jar was created in March 2018 during my month of mixed media experimentation.

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