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Dragon and Christmas star

The last Christmas card of 2022 and the only individual card I’ve made this year. I normally do more cards for specific people but I just ran out of energy this year and focused on the sets; I did find one card in my stash from a previous year that was just right for another person though.

But I needed to make a card for my mum. I normally do small furry rodents for her, but I had used up all my Christmassy mouse digi stamps and a quick search online didn’t bring much in the way of inspiration, so I chose this dragon with a Christmas star instead. I really like it but I just hadn’t got around to colouring it before so it’s been sitting in my stash for a while.

I coloured it with my Copic markers and added a little detail shading with coloured pencil over the top. I dug out my silver gel pen for the dragon’s spots and the wire wrapped around the star and luckily it worked well, unlike the white one for the snow which was a bit hit and miss. I think Christmas should be designated the season when you discover how many of your gel pens no longer work: so many of the Glaze and Soufflé pens I wanted to use for the lights on the wire just refused point blank to give up any colour.

To finish off the card I added Merry Christmas from the Tim Holtz Crazy Talk set (my absolute favourite for sentiments) and some stitched snowflakes from Lawn Fawn — I’ve had my set for years but it looks like it’s still available.

Now I just have to hope that all these cards actually make it to their destinations. We’ve had a few days of postal strikes lately and it seems to have collapsed the whole system if our lack of deliveries is anything to go by.

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