quick play

Quick play: circular folding rooms

This was another of those things that caught my eye in the regular “we think you’ll like this” Pinterest email. I was curious about the folding mechanism in the same way that pop-up cards fascinate me, though this was a lot simpler than most of the paper mechanics I see (go have a look at the things that Paper Paul creates).

teeny tiny crow

It was quite fun to make. I got to use up a few sheets of patterned paper that would never have been used otherwise. And I really like how the teeny tiny bat, cat, rat and crow turned out (the whole thing is only four inches across).

teeny tiny cat

If you fancy giving it a go, the original video demonstration for the “3D folding room” is up on Pinterest.

teeny tiny bat

I did look to see if I could find a blog post with written instructions for making one of these, but my Google mojo failed me for once — the nearest thing I found was a YouTube video for making a similarly designed triangular card.

teeny tiny rat

I guess it’s just how my brain works, but I really do prefer having written, static, references when I’m trying to follow along with something. Videos are great for seeing how someone does something — a lot of things are hard to get across in just words and pictures — but I want a cheat sheet or check list to go along with them. Pinterest recently seems to be filled with quick videos that don’t link through to anywhere and — when I came across this pin — there were no visible video controls at all, you could only click on it to pause it and replay at the end. Thankfully, they have changed it now so you can at least navigate around the video more easily.

folding in progress
all folded up neatly

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