other people's art

OPA: odds and ends

And finally — at least until I buy some more art — a few pieces for which I have lost the artist’s details.

nail mushroom

Inspired by the Swedish saying “koka soppa på en spik” — literally “to cook soup on a nail” or to achieve something, often in times of hardship, with minimal means. I bought it at South London Maker Festival in 2019 and it, ironically, lives in my craft room, the antithesis of “minimal means”…

ceramic pot

This was also bought at the South London Maker Festival and either this or the nail mushroom was made by an artist called Mandy Pang (I have a photo with the name and an Instagram handle that is now used by someone else). Whoever made it, I love the grungy feel of it and it makes a perfect brush holder.

ceramic bell

This sweet little bell was sent to me by Bev Seth when I bought my latest ceramic wren.

heart brooch

In pre-pandemic times, Wimbledon would have a regular market complete with numerous craft stalls and it was there we found this ceramic brooch with its interesting crystalline blooms.

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