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OPA: Passengers Reflecting VII

Title: Passengers Reflecting VII
Medium: oil on canvas
Creator: Jo Holdsworth

I’m trying to remember where I first came across Jo’s work; although she is a local artist, I think it must have been on Instagram, and I was taken with her style right from the start. I don’t normally like work featuring people, but there’s something about the anonymity of her figures that draws me in. Shortly after I discovered her, she had a display in a local store. We went along to have a look and ended up choosing this piece, though we did have to wait to get it as it had been chosen as the lead image for the SFSA Painting Open exhibition later that year (2018).

Creator: Jo Holdsworth
Website: joholdsworthstudio.com
Ad Lib gallery: adlib.online/jo-holdsworth
Instagram: www.instagram.com/joholdsworthstudio/
Twitter: twitter.com/joholdsworthart
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoHoldsworthArt/

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