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OPA: moonlit coppice

Title: moonlit coppice
Medium: enamel
Creator: Kevin France

I am just so taken with the mood of this piece. The glow of the full moon through the bare trees over the winter landscape is beautifully rendered in blue and white enamel. I really don’t tire of looking at it. When I first contacted Kevin about buying this, it turned out that the one on his gallery page had been sold, but he offered to make another and, as it obviously wouldn’t be completely identical to the one I’d seen, he sent me a photo of the new one for my approval. All his work comes framed — which is an added bonus as it takes me ages to get around to framing things — so it was hanging on my wall the same day it arrived.

Creator: Kevin France
Website: www.artbykevinfrance.com
Online shop: www.artbykevinfrance.com/contemporary-enamel-artists-art-gallery
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kevin_france_enamel_art/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EnamelsHQ/

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