Metal striped leaf

A pressed leaf with the strips between the veins painted in gold, black gold, silver and copper metallic paints.

There was a definite phase earlier this year when I simply could not properly focus on anything that needed any planning so my creativity was basically being prompted by things that went past on Twitter or wherever. This time it was a painted leaf that reminded me I’d pressed a few leaves last autumn. And I even managed to find them without any stress!

A close-up of the painted leaf.

I kept the colour choice simple, by grabbing the set of Stuart Semple “heavy metal” paints along with a clear varnish. The mix of metallic colours works really nicely with the natural colour of the leaf.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it — I think it deserves a simple setting rather than getting lost in the middle of a bigger piece — maybe I’ll just mount it on a piece of handmade paper on a mat board.

Another view of the painted leaf.

5 thoughts on “Metal striped leaf”

  1. This leaf turned out amazing. I love the way metallic paints turn out. I have been seeing a trend of mounting leaves on black poster board or matt board and framing them they turn out great and the black allows them a solid background to really stand out.

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