Supply Savvy ATC day 3

Green and blue art card with text in the background and black, white and yellow marks over the top.

Another simple process that gives an interesting result. The background is essentially finger-painting: add blobs of paint to the card and smoosh it around until you are happy with how it looks. Add a few marks and splatters and, once it’s dried, you’re ready to add the background text. This is not a stamp, it has been created by sticking some clear packing tape to a book page, using water and rubbing to remove as much of the paper as you want and then gluing it to the card. A few more marks over the top and a word sticker (or more words from the book page for consistency) and it’s finished.

Close-up of the art card.


Acrylic paint, old book pages, clear packaging tape, black marker, gel medium.

The art card displayed on a mini easel.

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