Supply Savvy ATC day 1

Red and gold art card with black faux stitching around the edge, white marks and the words "from the heart".

Last November — yes, this is how far I am behind on writing up projects — Artful Academy (or Mixed Up Creative Academy as they were called then) ran a five-day teaser challenge for their Savvy Supply School class. I didn’t go on to do the full class at the time, but I did complete all five mini lessons and ended up with an interesting mix of art cards.

The first day involved a simple acrylic paint lifting technique with the addition of a bit of mark-making and a few words, either from an old book or text stickers.

I ended up making a few of these; partly because I enjoyed the technique and partly because I wanted some extra cards to share in the Facebook group ATC swap at the end of the challenge.

Close-up of the red and gold art card.


Acrylic paint, fine black Posca pen, word stickers.

Red and gold art card on a mini easel.

2 thoughts on “Supply Savvy ATC day 1”

    1. Art cards are a great way to try out techniques – I keep thinking I should start a collection of cards just with individual techniques as a reference, but then I just get carried away creating finished pieces…

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