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Three strand bracelet


This was the result of two things meeting: my desire to try something different to kickstart my mojo which was in a dire slump after Christmas and my need for a birthday present for my brother’s other half.

She likes jewellery, I’d never made jewellery before. Perfect match 🙂


I didn’t completely throw myself in at the deep end though. That way lies the agony of indecision over which of the bazillion colours and types of beads to buy and a depth of research that guarantees that nothing gets made in time.

So I bought a kit. It had the string and the fastenings and enough beads and instructions how to fasten all the bits together. What it didn’t have was a suggested pattern to assemble the beads in.


Much fiddling and rearranging later and I had a design I was happy with. I did swap out the charm in the kit for a flower from my stash as it seemed to suit it better. The assembly instructions were clear enough for even a complete novice like me to follow and if you need to see how crimp beads should be attached then there is always YouTube. So many jewellery tutorials on YouTube… so many hours going “that’s nice, I could make that”…

And I made it. And it didn’t look rubbish. And it didn’t immediately fall apart. And the recipient really liked it.

Yay to trying new things!


This was made in February 2017. This kit wasn’t available when I last checked; however, Spoilt Rotten Beads have many more kits in many different styles.

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