rambling on


Obviously I knew that taking part in the Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge blog hop yesterday would mean that people would actually be visiting my blog — I originally started it just so I could keep track of the cards I was making — but I really wasn’t prepared for the number of comments… And yes, there are prizes at stake so that does encourage people to comment, but even so… the comments are still coming in and I am truly overwhelmed by them.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to leave their thoughts.

This is really hard to say out loud — I am very English — but… Yes, the card is awesome, thank you for recognising that 🙂 I would normally be all self-effacing, but seriously, I put a lot of work into that card and I’m not going to try and be coy and pretend that I am not massively happy with how it turned out…


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