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Bad blogger

So. I have, for one reason or another, been a rubbish blogger this year. I created this blog so that I would have a record of the cards I make and I just haven’t managed to do that over the last few months; I’ve got a few cards fully written up and posted, but there’s a bunch more that just haven’t been done 😦 I have photos of them and I have supplies lists, but the process bits just never got written.

I also have some recent cards that I have written up, but haven’t got around to taking photos of, mainly because my tiny craft desk is covered with the current card that I really must get finished (but have been procrastinating over doing for the last week) along with test die cuts, printed digi stamps, and just… stuff!

The clutter, both real life and digital, is starting to annoy me, so I am going to try and get it cleared over the next few days. Today I really really must finish this birthday card — I have at least made a start on it now, and I more or less know where I’m going with it. Once that is done, I am going to clear my desk, make a pile of unfinished objects that will be next on the list to become finished cards, and catch up with my card photography.

That should just leave the digital stuff to sort. Recent cards will have proper blog posts done for them and be scheduled over the next week. Older cards will be blogged in between the newer ones with a quick blurb, but no process, unless there’s something particularly worthy of mentioning. I did think about backdating the posts to when I actually made the cards, but that just looks weird in people’s RSS feeds, so I’ll just have to live with posting mother’s day cards and even a Valentine’s Day card in May. Ho hum, that’ll teach me for being a bad blogger 🙂

Once that’s all sorted I can sit down and work out what I want to do next.

Now for a final bit of procrastination before getting this card done: I’m off to make a cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “Bad blogger”

  1. You’re not a bad blogger! A lot of people who blog have it as their job, which makes it a lot easier. It’s hard to fit it all in – making sure you get the photos, add the watermark, do all the supply lists, write it all up etc. Hard going, especially with another job. Just keep posting when you can and we will all be happy 🙂 xx


    1. The title was a bit tongue in cheek… bad only from the perspective that I’m not keeping up with what I wanted to do and it’s nagging at me. I’ll be happier making new cards when I know I’m not just adding to the pile of unblogged ones 🙂


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