Many many thanks to Kristina Werner ( and Jennifer McGuire ( Both inspiring cardmakers who share their knowledge and creativity so generously and without whom it would have taken me an awful lot longer to get to grips with the core skills of cardmaking.

I have also learned from and been inspired by many other crafters who share their work on blogs and on YouTube. I didn’t keep track of where individual ideas and techniques came from, so I can’t credit them — I do plan to note sources of ideas and new techniques in future posts where appropriate — if any crafter thinks they recognise their work in my cards, I hope they will take it as a compliment: I saw their work and it inspired me to try to recreate it or something similar, and it helped me to expand my abilities.

Thanks also to the designers and product creators who make so so many wonderful supplies. And to the people who sell them in the UK.

All of my cards are made for personal use.


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