Holly Sparkleberry

CR00452 square

Another piece of colouring from the project box. I’d been staring at this for quite a while before I worked out what I wanted to do with it.

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Meowy Christmas


I can’t decide whether I am going to finish decorating this card or not… I made it as an experiment prompted by the latest challenge from The East Wind; I could have got my trusty Copic markers out, but I wanted to do something completely different as a break from all the Christmas card stamping and colouring, so I raided my supplies and got out my old glass paints. It’s hard to get enough light behind it to see the colours properly and I’m not sure if I like it enough without the backlight to add embellishments to it…

It was an interesting experiment and it’s good to be reminded every now and again that not everything turns out as well as you would like it to.

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Hello: Diva Lisa


A bit of a last minute rush to get a card done for the latest challenge from The East Wind. Lots of house tidying and the like had to be done and that combined with trips to the physio and the dentist had pretty much robbed me of any energy recently! But, I missed the last challenge and I didn’t want to skip another so I got myself together and created a shaped card with a shapely lady on it…

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Christmas: Trimming the tree


This card was created on 8th November; day 8 of The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge.

The latest challenge from The East Wind is a little different; rather than specifying a particular technique or element to incorporate, this time the challenge is to create a project based on a memory in honour of Alzheimer’s Awareness month in the US.

I wanted to use the “Trimming the tree” freebie from this month’s newsletter, so that got me thinking back to Christmases when I was growing up… Christmas was never a huge event in our house, but I do remember us having a real tree and the box of tinsel and glass ornaments that we decorated it with. So my card is a throwback to those times with the 70s style wallpaper and sculpted carpet…

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Misc: Snow queen box card


Another thing checked off my “things to try” list: my first box card. The latest challenge from The East Wind is to create a project with some movement in it; including either something that actually moves or a representation of movement. I chose to go with the first one and, after running through various options, decided to create a box card with elements supported on strips of acetate, which will wobble.

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