These ducks are quite ridiculous. But such fun to colour, and those big eyes just begged to have a layer of glossy accents over them.

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Christmas: One last yeti


In the week before Christmas I was laid low with the horrible cold-flu thing that seems to have been doing the rounds recently; I rallied enough to enjoy Christmas dinner with the neighbours (just as well I didn’t have to cook that day), but I am still not one hundred per cent over it… All of which is why these last Christmas card posts have been going up somewhat later than I had intended.

Luckily I had finished making cards before falling ill, well almost finished… On Christmas Eve I suddenly realised I hadn’t made one for my other half, so I bravely set about making this spinning yeti, only to then get a migraine that meant I couldn’t actually focus on the yeti to colour it… So this card was finished off on Christmas morning…
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Christmas: Yetis with trees


These cards were created on 11th November; day 11 of The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge.

Yes, more yetis… They are a nice, fairly simple, shape which lent itself well to being used for testing a bunch of different ways of adding texture and sparkle, and it would be a shame to waste those test pieces 🙂

This time I created a stamped tree background for them to stand in front of.

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