Wanderlust: planned serendipity

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #12 Planned serendipity seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but Carolyn's class is a blank-page-block breaker that creates the conditions for something interesting and unplanned to happen. The starting point is to pick a few (she suggests five) supplies without considering how they'll be used. I grabbed some acrylic paints that… Continue reading Wanderlust: planned serendipity


Wanderlust: collection of ideas

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #10 When I started doing mixed media, I started collecting things. A variety of paints, pencils, powders and other ways of making marks and laying down colour. Then there are all the papers, patterned and plain, old books and maps, and digital versions of vintage papers ready to print out. And that's… Continue reading Wanderlust: collection of ideas

just colouring

Just coloured: girl with a kitten

Polychromos pencils: skin - 132 light flesh, 190 Venetian red, 178 nougat,shadow - 181 Payne’s greyskirt/shoes/scarf - 266 permanent green, 165 juniper green, 166 grass greenhair - 105 light cadmium yellow, 117 light cadmium red, 138violet, 223 deep red, 118 scarlet redtop - 270 warm grey 1, 272 warm grey 3, 275 warm grey 6… Continue reading Just coloured: girl with a kitten