Artful Academy butterfly tag

Large white tag with a purple ribbon. Purple stencilling on the background with a silver-outlined butterfly and the words "curious" and "adaptable".

The final project from the Artful Academy Visible Image Mini Collection. This tag was inspired by the lesson from Veerle Moreels; I’ve always liked Veerle’s style and borrowed a design from her for some of last year’s Christmas cards. [Previous projects from this class include butterflies, Stampbord owls, a dragonfly and a hummingbird.]

Close-up of the butterfly.

There are so many little things that I like about how this turned out: the foiling around the edge of the butterfly, the tiny splatters, and especially the way I managed to break up the fine line around the edge of the tag, which normally ends up looking a bit clumsy whenever I try. Even the ribbon behaved itself!

The tag displayed on a small wooden easel.

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