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Chinese lanterns

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #24 As with all Power Poppy digis, all you have to do to make them look good is to follow the shading hints on the images. Adding extra highlighting along the edges with coloured pencil really helped emphasise the shaping. The trickiest part of this art card was trying… Continue reading Chinese lanterns


Cute bunny

And following quickly on the heels of my brother's birthday comes an easier birthday to make for. Easier because this is one birthday — my other half's sister — where I can repeat the general theme without worrying that it won't be appreciated. Bunnies! And this is a particularly cute bunny. I did the colouring… Continue reading Cute bunny

art cards

Gothic pinup

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #20 It's around this point in every Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge that I stare at the things I've already coloured and start wondering what colours I can use without repeating myself. Eventually, I settled on this dark pink, kind of burgundy. Backgrounds are another thing that I'm… Continue reading Gothic pinup

art cards

Girl on a leaf

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #21 Another girl digi — quite an old one — from The East Wind and another attempt at non-Caucasian skin. Once again I started testing with a combo from Sandy Allnock's human rainbow but ended up tweaking the selection to something that seems to work better with the way… Continue reading Girl on a leaf