Wanderlust: steampunk palette

And we're back with Anneliese Bates (Instagram) for the last week of the Wanderlust "steampunk" theme. I had put off doing the steampunk lessons because, after having a quick look, I realised that most of them were going to be more time-consuming than the average art journal page. Not only that, but I would have… Continue reading Wanderlust: steampunk palette


Wanderlust: serenity flowers

The guest instructor for week two of the Wanderlust "floral" theme was Shawn Petite (website, Instagram, YouTube). I love Shawn's work and regularly watch her YouTube videos, especially the Sunday Inspiration ones. Lovely textured layers of collage papers, modelling paste and acrylic paint all come together to create a wonderfully weathered background for the flowers.… Continue reading Wanderlust: serenity flowers


Wanderlust: inky flowers

The first week of the Wanderlust "floral" theme and, as usual, we started with the organiser Kasia Avery (website, Instagram). In an ultimately vain attempt to avoid constantly running behind on the class schedule, I decided to temporarily skip the steampunk theme which has some quite time-consuming lessons in it and jump to the Floral… Continue reading Wanderlust: inky flowers