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Fabric flowers

CR00483 square

This card was the cornerstone of the unfinished projects. I made the base of this over a year ago and then stopped. The flowers were made, they just needed attaching but, for some reason — maybe I got distracted doing other things — I never finished it. I even had a post-it note by my craft desk reminding me to do it…

The flowers were the result of an experiment with Terial Magic. It is designed to stabilise fabric — I’ve only tested it on cotton so far — leaving you with a stiffened piece of material that can be die-cut without it immediately fraying. Those two flowers have been kicking around my desk and then been stored in a box with other stuff over the last year and there are only a couple of spots where there is even a hint of fraying. The treated cotton will also hold a crease, so it can be shaped as well.

The gold rose background is a die-cut square frame coloured with gilding polish that I cut in half on the diagonal and then arranged on the base panel.

I had even die-cut the leaves and glued them in place before putting this to one side.

All I had to do to finish this card was to glue the flowers to the panel, add a bit of wax to the background, especially on the corners, and then stick the panel to a card base.

I was pondering adding a sentiment, but I have so many birthday and other cards in my stash that I really don’t need to commit to a particular occasion with this card. And I can always add one at a later date as appropriate.

CR00483 detail


  • dies:
    Apple Blossom – rose butterfly frame
    Jus Cutz – flowers
    My Favorite Things – leafy greenery
  • colour:
    Finnabair opal magic wax – blue velvet
    Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish – gold treasure
  • embellishments:
    gold micro beads
    clear half pearl
    amber jewel
  • paper and card:
    Hunkydory Adorable Scorable pearly shimmer
    Papermill Direct – plain – black
    scraps for die-cutting
  • miscellaneous:
    patterned cotton fabric
    Terial Magic

CR00483 display

6 thoughts on “Fabric flowers”

  1. That card looks lovely! And go you for finally finishing it after a year. I’m one of those people who rarely ever go back to projects. If I stop miday, I just tend to leave it unfinished forever. It’s such a shame really because sometimes looking at an old project with new eyes can be quite inspiring, I guess I’m just never focused enough? I’m always ready to move onto the next thing?

    But yes, beautiful card. And I think the gold rose background goes with the flowers beautifully. 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I kept remembering it was there, unfinished and bugging me, and the only way to deal with it was to actually get around to completing it. I try to finish projects as I go along, though I do get distracted by new ideas which is why I always keep a notebook handy to get them out of my head…


    1. I really should make some more – I treated a whole charm pack of patterned fabric with the Terial Magic so I’ve no excuse not to – apart from a million other ideas grabbing my attention 🙂 Maybe I should make a mixed media panel with a whole swathe of fabric flowers on it…

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