greeting cards

Candle on blue

I keep mentally referring to the base layer of this card as the blue masterboard. It's actually purple and green, but that just feels a bit long-winded 🙂 So, pretty much the same procedure as for the red card with the fairy lights. Different colour background, different stamp and different patterned border, but otherwise... The… Continue reading Candle on blue

greeting cards

String art and flower

This started out as an experiment, one of those “see a technique, try it” self-contained experiments that have no purpose other than to have a go at something. Of course, me being me, I couldn’t leave a perfectly good bit of string art sitting unused for long. The string art is in four colours —… Continue reading String art and flower


Beautiful sequin heart

Remember the spooky tree Halloween panel? The one that started life as a pretty autumnal tree in my imagination? Well, this is where I ended up using the sequins that inspired that original idea. I came up with and discarded several ideas before finally deciding to try something I hadn't done before: actually sewing sequins.… Continue reading Beautiful sequin heart

greeting cards

Mouse in a hot air balloon

My mum's birthday means, as ever, finding some cute little critters (preferably rodents) for her card. Luckily, I recently discovered Isabel Cristina who creates some absolutely adorable digi stamps. I did the colouring for this during the Daily marker challenge, but I knew that it would end up on a card for my mum; I… Continue reading Mouse in a hot air balloon