Rainbow foil balloon

I really must try to finish blogging the last of the cards I made for the Sparkle & Shine class; I got all the glittery ones done and then ran out of steam... So here goes with the first of the foiled cards. For this one, I used the balloon die cut left over from… Continue reading Rainbow foil balloon


Strawberry mouse shaker

We’re heading towards the end of yet another month so it’s time for another challenge card. After last month’s turtle, Gerda Steiner gave us a cute little mouse with a hoard of strawberries to colour. Inspired by the sketch challenge from Seven Hills Crafts, I thought I’d combine the two challenges and make a shaker… Continue reading Strawberry mouse shaker


MST3K: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

It’s my other half’s birthday today, so of course I had to create something special and geeky for him. I returned to a common theme: Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Specifically, this time, the new ones where Gypsy appears as a silhouette on-screen and Tom Servo flies around occasionally rather than being stuck in the seats.… Continue reading MST3K: The Creature from the Black Lagoon