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All caught up

Miracles do happen. I have just scheduled the last of my catch-up card blog posts.

Yes, it’s true! I have finally written up all the cards I’ve made, every single one that had been sitting on my desk just waiting to be put up on the blog. All the cards I made during the Daily Marker colouring challenges. All the cards I made during my brief blitz on my PHD (projects half done) box. And the others that I just didn’t get around to blogging. There are quite a few of them, but I’ve scheduled them to go up every three days so hopefully you won’t get too bored…

Luckily I always write down the supplies I use as I go along — I have a notebook specifically for that purpose — and if I don’t take pictures of a card as soon as it’s finished, then I’ll do it once I have a couple that need photographing. So it has “just” been a case of putting it all together with a few words and scheduling it on the blog.

I’m not kidding myself that I won’t get behind again, but it feels so good to have an empty drafts folder.

Well, there is the napkin-fold card, but I haven’t decided if that’s one hundred percent finished yet. I made it just to try the technique, but then my other half assumed it was for a particular friend of ours so I’m leaving it on one side to see if it needs anything else doing to it…

8 thoughts on “All caught up”

    1. I used to just use whichever bit of paper came to hand, but then you have to try and find it again – a dedicated notebook is a lot easier to keep track of.


    1. I love finding new ways to be organised, even if it is just dedicating a notebook to tracking my makes. Now I just have to organise the chaos that has somehow accumulated around me while I’ve been doing all the blogging…

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